Free Personalized A4 Funeral Program Template Flying Pigeon Blue White Sky

A4 Funeral Program Template. Template for a funeral, memorial and also Obituary by design background with white clouds blue sky and pigeon that fly. Decorated with light like a star. This funeral template than can be download inĀ is able to be edited using MS Word software. You can print on A4 size paper with paper.

Flying Dove Pigeon Funeral Memorial Program Template

For some countries, funeral or memorial program including Obituary program, preferring paper size A4. Therefore, you can freely download a template that can be customized using Microsoft Word software to adjust with the sentence and the order of elements

A4 Funeral Memorial Program Template

Pigeon on the sky funeral template design


Design Detail Pigeon Funeral Program Template in A4 Paper Size

  • Personalized in Microsoft Word
  • A4 Paper size later in landscape format
  • Resulut finish half page of landscape A4 paper size
  • Blue sky background and white sky
  • A white flying pigeon or dove with star light in the background
  • Editable elements :
    • Funeral title
    • Deceased name
    • Deceased photo
    • Funeral / memorial date and location
    • Obituary
    • Pallbearers
    • Special notes
    • Thank you notes
    • Photo collages

Download this A4 funeral program template and your task will be much easier.

Funeral Program Obituary Template In Word A4 Purple Sky Design

Free download Funeral Program Obituary Template for Microsoft Word. The funeral programs are created in A4 paper size or 21 x 29,7 cm. A purple sky and cloud design in the background image of this customizable of funeral obituary template.

Funeral Program Obituary Template with Unique Purple Sky Color

Nature design with cloud in the sky and purple color themed of funeral obituary. This is an editable obituary template for Microsoft Word program for funeral or memorial occasion.

Obituary is the information reported on someone who has just died. The information submitted regarding the identity of the deceased and organizing the funeral. Obituary usually written in the newspapers as newspapers. However, in the funeral, Obituary can be written into the funeral program. Where this obituary program template is written also in the sequence of activities at the funeral.

Obituary tells about the life of the deceased of birth, education and lifetime activities. Such as involvement in several organizations and institutions.


funeral program obituary template

What you can do with this funeral free obituary template? By using this funeral Obituary program, you can write the life of the deceased. But besides that, you also can write down the activities to be carried out at the funeral. People involved can be a funeral can also be written in the program. Not only that, poetry, thanks and photographs of the deceased when life can also be incorporated into Obituary program.

Obituary program template for funeral or memorial detail

  • Obituary program
  • A4 paper size, 29.7 x 21 cm
  • Result size 1.85 x 21 cm
  • Single fold or bi-fold
  • Sky themed background image
  • Purple color theme
  • Front and back cover
  • Unlimited inside content pages
  • Editable in Microsoft Word

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How to download the file

With this funeral program obituary template, you will get a unique keepsake and respect for your beloved with this purple sky design of file.

Funeral Program Designs Templates Colorful Butterfly Download

Download funeral program designs templates with colorful butterfly as decoration on the bottom line. The butterflies look like as a border line or a frame line. This editable funeral template in .doc format can be customized in Microsoft Word. With green color as background, the template looks so beautiful.

Funeral Program Design Templates With Animal Themes

Animal theme into the decor very evocative for use in funeral or memorial program. As well as pictures of butterflies showing colorful with very attractive. So you can have a funeral Obituary program with beautiful design.

People familiar with template for funeral programs with different names. Some call the funeral bulletin. There is also a saying as a memorial funeral programs. Even some say the funeral or memorial service program.

But whatever the term used, a funeral program is used to write sequences of activities of funeral services. It is also used to write the names of those involved in such services as pallbearers death or pallbearers. As a tribute to the late, poetry and biblical verse also written therein

Design of an assortment of funeral program. There is a design program with a simple background colors such as white, blue or black also. There is also a memorial pattern with a background program is an image of nature, clouds, sky or even animals. You can choose the design of funeral or memorial program in accordance with the wishes or needs.

funeral program design template

memorial program design template

Some information about the template :

  • Green background
  • Butterfly decoration
  • butterfly frame
  • animal border
  • Size paper 11 x 8 inch Letter
  • Size result 5,5 x 8 inch
  • Single fold or bi-fold
  • Front and back cover
  • inside content pages
  • Unlimited pages

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How to download the file :

By downloading funeral program design template, you can have so many option to make the best creation.

Free Obituary Program Template For Word – Examples Download Orchid Design

A free obituary program template Microsoft Word to download and use in funeral card, memorial service program. Editable funeral program template in .doc format, letter paper size or 11 x 8 inch in landscape position. A single fold or bifold, with result printed 5,5 x 8 inch and background design of orchid flower with combination pink and green color. Unlimited pages in content for adding obituary, photos, special notes, etc.

Free Obituary Program Template Orchid Themed For Word

This obituary program template design is a pink orchid flowers which are blooming, and given the background and frame color is green. Below the sample image of this obituary template.

orhic funeral program

orchid memorial funeral


Download Link

You can download the file from this link at :

Instruction to download the file

button funeral program template download

Hope this free obituary program template Microsoft Word with flower of orchid design is useful for you

Free Funeral Service Program Template Microsoft Word Download

Get this free funeral service program template Microsoft Word to download for burial procession ceremony. This funeral memorial program can be used for military, veteran, infant, memorial anniversary beloved father, mother or children. This template is an editable template using MS Word.

Funeral Service Program : What Is It

Funeral service program is used to write a sequence of events plan funeral services. It is made for some functions. Among of them is to provide guidance to guests on the order of events to be performed at the funeral. At the same time, brochure and booklet are used as in the funeral service program can be used as a memento in order to pay their respects and show affection to a loved one.

Creating a funeral service program is a kind of complicated task for some people. But actually it is gonna be much easier if you know that using template can help you much. By using a template, then you can set up its own format, the order in writing or layout of the writing of the funeral service program. This way you can save a lot of money, because you do not need to spend to purchase this template.

Sample Funeral Service Order : Outline

Funeral order of service or memorial services are usually distinguished between religious (Catholic) and non religious. Each type of service has the sequence of activities that tend to be different. You can select the type of service that you want to select. And its structure will be no difference. Here is an example of non-religious funeral service orders that can emulate your program.

  • Opening Music
  • Welcoming Remarks
  • Candle-Lighting Ceremony
  • Music Performance
  • Moments of Silence
  • Final Thoughts
  • Closing Music

Funeral Service Program Template Word : Customizable

Customizing is the key to have a personal funeral service program for an anniversary for a beloved one. A family member can put any information about memorial service program order, obituary, photo collages, special notes and others. You can edit many elements in this funeral service such as written above by changing the wording with your own word. Not only that, you can also to replace the order of each elements on position you like in this funeral services.

Changing the funeral memorial service title is simple. Just click an retype the wording with Word Art in Ms Word. Or you want to have a new position order for obituary in inside content page, and photo collages at the back cover of this memorial funeral program. Just clicking the elements, drag the elements to new position, and you will have a new layout.

Sample Funeral Service Program And Download

Below the funeral memorial service image example :

funeral service program template

Funeral program template for Wrod

Download Link

Below the link to download the service program :

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How to download the file

Hope this free funeral service program template Microsoft Word is useful for you.

Free Editable Funeral Program Template With Camomile Flower Background

Free Editable Funeral Program Template And Memorial Program. This is template for funeral or memorial with camomile image on the corner as background decoration. This template can be customized in Microsoft Word as you wish. There so many elements on the funeral template you can edit, from funeral title, deceased photo, obituary, order or service, pallbearers, etc.

Customizing Free Editable Funeral Program Template

You can download and and customize this free editable funeral program for creating funeral order of service, or memorial program and obituary with purple to pink color as background color and decoration of red camomile flower on the left bottom corner.

As it is known that the funeral program is also known as the funeral bulletin by some people. And you can edit the newsletter funeral program with a view that looks very professional. You can adjust the position or layout of the title of funeral, pictures of loved ones and the date and location of the funeral services in accordance with your wishes.

You can download funeral program that can be customized below. Then open the file using Microsoft Word software. You can set the location of each element in a position that you think is more appropriate. You can also set each page for design, color and shape of different letters. Sample image funeral program template :



Download Link

Below the link to download the file :

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How to download the file

With this free editable funeral program template with camomile flower, you can have a beautiful design program for funeral or memorial.

Free Funeral Program Template Microsoft Word 11 x 8,5 Inch Flower Background

Free Funeral Program Template Microsoft Word. This is a design of funeral programs or memorial service program with dimension 11 x 8,5 inch of paper size. And it accomplished with flower image as background design. The majority of this background is in pink color. This size is similar to Letter paper size. An editable of funeral program for a burial or cremation procession ceremony for the loved one. Personalizing the program template is easy that can be done using Microsoft Word software.

Funeral Programs

What is Funeral Programs? Funeral program is created to provide convenience for the guests to know the composition of the activities at the funeral services for the loved ones. Program for the funeral or memorial service that contains information about what activities will be done in a certain sequence and names of the implementer. Sometime it is called as obituary template, funeral order of service, etc. In the program, there is information in the form:

  • Title program. Exp : “Celebration of life”, “In Loving Memory”, etc.
  • Name of deceased
  • Dates of birth and death of the deceased
  • Date and place of burial or cremation, or memorial service
  • Obituary deceased
  • Speech of the surviving family
  • Memorable photographs of the deceased during life
  • Funeral poems
  • Funeral / Memorial Verses
  • Funeral quotes

How To Make A Funeral Program In Word

Utilizing free printable funeral programs are a great way to be able to get guidance leaflets for the funeral service for guests quickly. Because you do not have to create a brochure funeral or memorial service from scratch is too complicated. You should know is how to make the funeral program in Word.

You can follow the brief instructions for how to make the funeral or memorial program, using Microsoft Word below.

  1. Open a new file which can be named according to your wishes.
  2. Make sure the program you are going to make, whether in the form of brochure, booklet or pamphlet.
  3. Determine the size of the program that you will make it to the whole paper to be used. What size of funeral brochure? What dimension of funeral flyer? You can browse in internet and find the idea which is good for your design.
  4. Determine the layout of each page.
  5. Ensure that the element at the position you want.
  6. Enter the background image if you want. Or are you just using the basic colors only. You can take advantage of free stock images that you are on the internet.
  7. Enter text information in the form of each element that has been prepared.
  8. If you are satisfied with the layout and format have been made, the program print on paper accordingly.

However, when you use Word templates for funeral programs, the steps for the program that you do not as complex as the above procedure. This occurs because the template has a lot of steps cut into simpler. Now it is your choice which is better for you, making it on your own or take the free program template for funeral.

Letter 11 x 8,5 inch Funeral Memorial Program Template

Here is the information of description about this letter funeral program template :

  • Bifold, also knows as single fold
  • 11×8,5″
  • Landscape Paper Position
  • Result Size 5,5 x 4,25″
  • Content page can be added until unlimited number for poem, bible scripture, etc.
  • Customizable on Microsoft Word


Sample Funeral Program Template In Word

Below the sample funeral program image in letter paper size :

letter funeral program template

letter memorial program template

There are so many program with different design such as cloud themed, natural design, trees background, many more.

Download Funeral Program Template Word

Below the link to download free funeral program template Microsoft Word :

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How to download the file

It is so easy to find 11 x 8,5 inch free funeral program template Microsoft Word or in letter paper size to print.

Obituary Template For Microsoft Word Free Download Orchid Theme

Below is the Obituary template for Microsoft Word free download for writing obituary of the love one. It is an editable funeral or memorial template for MS Word in Letter paper size in landscape format with front and back cover pages. So you can customize each element and personalizing the obituary program template design and layout as you wish.

Obituary Template : What Is It?

What is obituary template? How to write obituary? When you’re planning a funeral or memorial service for someone who has recently died, of course, you need to create an obituary. But not everyone understands how to make an obituary it. And here we attach how to prepare a sentence for an obituary.

Obituary program itself is another term for the funeral program. It can also be referred to as a funeral bulletin. You also do not need to be confused if there are others who call it the funeral order of service program, memorial service program.

This obituary program is used to write information about the deceased. Where writing is combined with other information such as the date and location of the funeral service.

Obituary Format

Obituary itself can be made depending on where the obituary will be placed. Obituary for papers written in short sentences because writing a small space

Obituaries can also be written in a format that is longer and more complete. The information included in the obituary as location during life, school, work and career and others.

Obituary this type are usually to be written when the activities of a funeral or memorial service. Writing the obituary can be placed into the funeral program, bulletins, booklets, brochures or flyers are also used in these activities

Some common information is written in a funeral Obituary program are: the deceased’s full name, date and place of birth, and date of death of the deceased. Activities during late life such as education, schools, organizations and activities that need to be included as an important information.

Obituary Templates : Orchid Flower Design

Using free obituary template in Microsoft Word can save a lot of your time and energy. While you are in a mourning condition, in a state of mourning course, you can not make Obituary regarding the deceased. Especially if you have to make Obituary documents that will be distributed to the guests who attended the funeral procession or memorial as well.

One of the documents that have to be done in preparation for a funeral service is made obituary. For most people, making obituary is an activity that is very difficult, this is because they are not accustomed to making. But with the template obituary are provided free of charge, it can easily help users.

Using funeral Obituary program to make highly profitable. Among them is you immediately know what kind of structure in the making Obituary. For those who ordinary in making Obituary, Obituary manufacturing process using this template program can reduce the time and energy spent.

Obituary Example

Below the template for obituary in Microsoft Word sample for funeral booklet :

Free Obituary Template

free obituary template word

This obituary format Microsoft Word of funeral program is in Letter paper size, in landscape two columns with pinky orchid flower image background. You can customize the element from funeral obituary title, deceased photo, name of the deceased, obituary, bible scripture, funeral poem, pallbearers, etc.

Obituary Sample Video

Download Link

Below the link to download the funeral obituary

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How to Download

By using obituary template for Microsoft Word free download in funeral procession, you task will be easier.

Free Obituary Template Printables For Editing And Fill In

Writing an obituary for the love one on a a piece of a beautiful free obituary template can ease your task during your tight time. This editable funeral obituary template is created in Microsoft Word in a folded letter paper size in which the final result, you will have a half page for front and back cover. Whatever language for wording in obituary such as French, Spanish, or downloading from area like UK, Australia and around the world.

Free Obituary Program Template : Customizing

With a feeling of grieving, I want to help spread a free funeral obituary template for Microsoft Word to write an obituary for a loved one that you can use for free. Once you know how to write Obituary, then you could do a lot of changes in many of the elements that have been available on this template.

In this article, we will explain about how to create Obituary including format, sample wording and others. We will only give a funeral Obituary design templates for MS Word program which can be easily adjusted to your liking. You can use this program Obituary accordance with the plan of activities which will be held the funeral procession. On the cover, photo of the deceased can be displayed in the box provided. Then the title of the Obituary this template you can customize with words by no more beautiful

For the shape format in the final result, you have some option which is better for you. Booklet, single fold, brochure, or flyer shapes can be taken to suit your need.

Obituary Template Word : Editable Elements

There are some needed information for writing obituary as listing below :

  • The deceased name
  • Age
  • Date of death
  • Location of death
  • Names of surviving family
  • Location of funeral services
  • Date and time of funeral services
  • Name of Organization to receive memorial donations

Sample Obituary Template : Programs For Funeral

Below the obituary program image example :

Fill In Memorial Funeral Program Template

Editable Funeral Memorial Program Template

Free Obituary Program Template Download

Below the link to download this free template programs for obituary

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How to download the file

You tight task will be so easy by downloading this free obituary template online download.

Celebration Of Life Program Template For Flyer And Brochure

Celebration of life program template. A good design card, flyer or brochure with funeral title of “Celebration Of Life” in the photo cover of this funeral program template. A calm pink color with decorative butterfly and floral clipart along the side page of this also a memorial program template. A stripped background color as background that can be a folded memorial program format on letter paper size or as booklet or flyer also.

Celebration Of Life Programs Template For Flyer And Brochure

There is an important element that a major concern at this celebration of Life free funeral program template, namely the title. And one of the funeral program brochure template title that has been chosen on the cover is “Celebration of Life”. Although there are other very worthy title to be displayed as an introductory words to loved one.

In this post we share with you a memorial brochure template with the title “Celebration Of Life” which you can download for free. With this template you can make a funeral order of service template to be given to those who attend the funeral.

Because this is a customizable funeral brochure template, you can edit so many elements inside the file to fill you need. There are so many changes you can do to make it have a good design and layout that easy to do.

Celebration Of Life Template : Sample

Here is how the look of this celebration of life memorial template :

celebration funeral template

celebration of life program template

Celebration Templates Download Link

And below the link to download this template :

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Instruction to Download The Template

Just download this Celebration Of Life Funeral Program Brochure Template to make other format such as booklet, flyer, pamphlet or folded.