Memorial Service Program Template Free Download In Word

Folded Memorial Service Program Template. One design your can use when creating memorial program for funeral services, bulletin, pamphlet, brochures, booklet, card, etc. A folded memorial program template makes your sheet looks simple.

Memorial Service Program

Memorial services program as show inĀ is needed when you choose a memorial ceremony. Where these two activities is a bit different to each other. Funeral service remain the the deceased’ body in the vent while memorial service doesn’t. Memorial service is done to pay tribute the the deceased’s life.

Memorial Service Program Template

A design of printable funeral memorial template for for creating program or funeral order c=that can be folded. A funeral program that can be folded to give shape efficient, easy to carry, and shows good design. And this template is designed to be folded into two parts. By using only one sheet of paper, but already consists of many pages which holds a lot of information.

Each page can accommodate a variety of important information such as the title of funeral programs, the name of the deceased, date of birth and death, time and place of burial, Obituary, photo collages, and more. These elements can be placed in different positions and not necessarily the same as that of the initial template. You can change the order of the elements to fit the design you need.

Memorial Service Template Design

Some information about the funeral of this template:

  • Red heart frame line
  • Corner frame with floral decoration

Free Memorial Service Program Template Sample And Download


Below the sample image of this downloadable free program template for funeral or memorial :

Free Memorial Service Program Template

Memorial Order of Service Program Download

Download Link

And here the link to download the file.

See this for MS Publisher version :

With this foldable memorial service program template, you can make your own better design and layout of funeral or memorial program.

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