Sample Funeral Program Order Of Service Template For Microsoft Word

Orchid Flower Themed of sample funeral program order of service template for Microsoft Word. If you are looking for document for writing order of service for a funeral, use this template to ease your task. What ever funeral service you will hold, such as traditional, funeral home chapel, informal memorial ceremony, you can use this free template. You can use this file for adding memorial service program, obituary, acknowledgement, funeral poem, etc.

Design And Layout Funeral Order Of Service Template Download

Design of this template for funeral order of service is with the theme of orchids as a background image. Give something beautiful and perfect for people of concern to the importance of a loved one. Therefore, make documents about the order of the funeral with an attractive design view, can show how much you are love to the deceased.

The document to be printed a funeral order of service template free that can be customized to the wishes layout you want. By default, the order of service for a funeral program already has elements that can be used to write: the name of the loved one, dates of birth and death, date and place of the funeral procession.

Funeral orders of services program is used to write a sequence of activities to be carried out at the funeral service. With this program, you only need to enter the action plan has been prepared and will be conducted in the funeral procession.

Although every funeral service is not the same, because each faith has its own way, you do not have to worry anymore for how to write an order-of-service programs in the funeral of this booklet.

A funeral layout order service programs have differences on how the implementation of the funeral. At a certain belief, there are some parts that exist or not in a funeral order or service. No matter what language you use : French, Spanish, English or else.

But this should not be a problem in the following order of service. Because you can make adjustments on the composition and use within sentences you create. You might be able to change the arrangement where a funeral service program should be written. You can also choose how should the type and color of the letters and the funeral service.

List Order Of Service Program

And the order of service elements that you can write programs traditional or non traditional such as:

  • Prayer in the Home
  • Musical Prelude
  • Introduction
  • Invocation
  • Prayers
  • Scripture Readings
  • Musical Selections/Hymns
  • Vocal Solo
  • Remarks
  • Formal Reading of Obituary
  • Speakers
  • Eulogy/Life Tribute
  • Brief Informal Tributes
  • Benediction
  • Thank you and Acknowledgements
  • Viewing of Deceased
  • Postlude Music

Sample Funeral Order Of Service Program Template And Download Link

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Download Link

Below the link to download this template :

Just download the funeral program order of service template for Microsoft Word above to ease you hard task.

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