Free Funeral Program Template Microsoft Word 11 x 8,5 Inch Flower Background

Free Funeral Program Template Microsoft Word. This is a design of funeral programs or memorial service program with dimension 11 x 8,5 inch of paper size. And it accomplished with flower image as background design. The majority of this background is in pink color. This size is similar to Letter paper size. An editable of funeral program for a burial or cremation procession ceremony for the loved one. Personalizing the program template is easy that can be done using Microsoft Word software.

Funeral Programs

What is Funeral Programs? Funeral program is created to provide convenience for the guests to know the composition of the activities at the funeral services for the loved ones. Program for the funeral or memorial service that contains information about what activities will be done in a certain sequence and names of the implementer. Sometime it is called as obituary template, funeral order of service, etc. In the program, there is information in the form:

  • Title program. Exp : “Celebration of life”, “In Loving Memory”, etc.
  • Name of deceased
  • Dates of birth and death of the deceased
  • Date and place of burial or cremation, or memorial service
  • Obituary deceased
  • Speech of the surviving family
  • Memorable photographs of the deceased during life
  • Funeral poems
  • Funeral / Memorial Verses
  • Funeral quotes

How To Make A Funeral Program In Word

Utilizing free printable funeral programs are a great way to be able to get guidance leaflets for the funeral service for guests quickly. Because you do not have to create a brochure funeral or memorial service from scratch is too complicated. You should know is how to make the funeral program in Word.

You can follow the brief instructions for how to make the funeral or memorial program, using Microsoft Word below.

  1. Open a new file which can be named according to your wishes.
  2. Make sure the program you are going to make, whether in the form of brochure, booklet or pamphlet.
  3. Determine the size of the program that you will make it to the whole paper to be used. What size of funeral brochure? What dimension of funeral flyer? You can browse in internet and find the idea which is good for your design.
  4. Determine the layout of each page.
  5. Ensure that the element at the position you want.
  6. Enter the background image if you want. Or are you just using the basic colors only. You can take advantage of free stock images that you are on the internet.
  7. Enter text information in the form of each element that has been prepared.
  8. If you are satisfied with the layout and format have been made, the program print on paper accordingly.

However, when you use Word templates for funeral programs, the steps for the program that you do not as complex as the above procedure. This occurs because the template has a lot of steps cut into simpler. Now it is your choice which is better for you, making it on your own or take the free program template for funeral.

Letter 11 x 8,5 inch Funeral Memorial Program Template

Here is the information of description about this letter funeral program template :

  • Bifold, also knows as single fold
  • 11×8,5″
  • Landscape Paper Position
  • Result Size 5,5 x 4,25″
  • Content page can be added until unlimited number for poem, bible scripture, etc.
  • Customizable on Microsoft Word


Sample Funeral Program Template In Word

Below the sample funeral program image in letter paper size :

letter funeral program template

letter memorial program template

There are so many program with different design such as cloud themed, natural design, trees background, many more.

Download Funeral Program Template Word

Below the link to download free funeral program template Microsoft Word :

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How to download the file

It is so easy to find 11 x 8,5 inch free funeral program template Microsoft Word or in letter paper size to print.