Editable Funeral Order of Service Template in Word

A free downloadable funeral order of service template for giving information to your attendees. It is a kind of a footpath funeral program template or for memorial program with a railway and trees on background image. A folded program on a letter paper size and can be customized with Microsoft Word software.

Funeral Order of Service Programs Free Download For Word

There are still many people who do not know how to prepare for the funeral ceremony, including the composition of the procession. Therefore orders for funeral service program templates to be very helpful. And you can use this decorative program template following the funeral service can be customized according to the information that you have and the look and layout in order to be an attractive design

Templates to make funeral service program has provided some parts or elements that you can edit. Each element can be customized text or writing and replaced with Obituary, poetry, adding rose flower photo or also if you have other information. You can customize these templates for funeral service using Microsoft Word.

Some important information from this template:

  • Funeral programs with trees in the background
  • Pictures railroad between trees in spring
  • The combination of yellow color on the leaves and soil
  • Page funeral program folded into two parts
  • Letter size paper using

Example Funeral Service Program And Download


These are sample cover and inside page of funeral order of service program :

Editable Funeral Order of Service Template in Word

editable funeral order of service program template


And you can download the funeral program from this link :

So easily you prepare the ceremony with this downloadable funeral order of service program template in Microsoft Word

Decorative Funeral Bulletin Template Small Flower For Word

Decorative Funeral Bulletin Template. This time you are templates that can be used to make funeral bulletin used to write various kinds of information associated with a funeral procession. Program for funeral service that uses Microsoft Word decorated with small flowers hanging as decoration background image with dark black color.

Small Flower Decorative Funeral Bulletin Template

Named funeral bulletin templates so that you can easily look for a template that suits your needs, especially for a relatively long loading posts other than in the form of announcements. Although the actual template can be used to create a program of funeral, memorial programs, funeral order of service program,

Customizable Elements On Funeral Bulletin Or Program Template

Funeral template that has the same features as the other templates have had elements ynag ready to be changed or filled with the information you have. Some elements are available:

  • Title
  • Photos of the deceased
  • Name of deceased
  • Date of birth and death
  • Date and location of the funeral procession
  • Obituary
  • Acknowledgement
  • etc.

You can make some changes like changing the content or the content of any element, change the position of elements, resize elements, change the font size and color. Changing the title according to your best option. If you want to include pictures of the life of the deceased, you can make some adjustments by removing unnecessary elements. You also can add new pages, by inserting a page break on the last page, then copy and paste background image of the previous page to the new page.

Sample And Download Link


Below the decorative funeral memorial bulletin template in Word :

Free Funeral Bulletin Template

funeral bulletin program template


Below the link to download the file :

You can make a better design and layout just using this full decoration funeral bulletin, funeral, and memorial program template for free in Microsoft Word.

White Rose Sample Funeral Program Template Red Background

White Rose Funeral Program Template. Flower theme is still a very good idea to make a program when the procession. And a combination of white roses with red background to be a fusion of contrasting, yet harmony. This template is used to create a funeral or memorial program that can be customized using Microsoft Word and Letter size paper.

White Rose Themed Funeral Program Template For Word

Flower as decoration on the memorial funeral program layout template or template programs show affection to a loved one. And this template using a rose at the top of the title page. While there are other flowers that were seized with a butterfly on the same section at the bottom right corner.

Parts used to put pictures of loved ones located on the front page under the headline. The front page there are elements that can be used to write the date of birth and death of the deceased, as well as write the date and location of the funeral.

Customized Elements On Flower Funeral Program Template

Type and position of elements on the page is only a preliminary design which you can then adjust according to your wishes. Type and position of elements on the page is only a preliminary design which you can then adjust according to your wishes. You can move the title to another position that you think is more beautiful. In addition, the position of the deceased photo can be shifted to the right, left or down and set to own a good balance.

In details, the following elements can be customized:

  • Title
  • Photos
  • Date of birth and death
  • Implementation of a funeral procession
  • Obituary
  • Acknowledgement
  • Poetry
  • Thank-you note
  • Glance of the deceased life
  • And others

Sample Rose Flower Memorial Program And Funeral – Download


This is the sample image of this template :

sample funeral program template

white rose decoration funeral program

Download Link

And this ink can be used to download the template.

Customizing is the key to get the best design and layout from this white rose funeral program template of for memorial program for Microsoft Word

Bright Sunshine Printable Funeral Program Template Or Memorial Program For Word

Bright Sunshine Funeral Program Template. And this one theme design with bright sunshine memorial service program with the majority of the yellow background color. And this one theme design with bright sunshine memorial service program with the majority of the yellow background color. With images of sunlight shining bright yellow images of the most beloved people. Templates for funeral programs that can be edited using MS Word.

Sun Themed Funeral Program Template With Bright Yellow Color Background

One of the themes and designs that are much preferred when choosing a design for a funeral is about sunlight. A bright light as if the sun will give special meaning for someone who called in the funeral memorial service program template. As if that incredible energy that illuminates and gives strength to the loved ones. And the idea you can find from this yellow funeral program template. (Other color option : blue, brown, white, pink or classic style)

Template with a beautiful color combination of dark yellow to bright yellow. The background color matching the color of the letters which are also yellow but slightly darker. As for the frame border using the yellow color which is almost similar to the color of the font.

Customizable Yellow Sunshine Memorial Program Template

You can make adjustments and rearrange the design and layout of this yellow memorial program template. You can choose the color of the letters for the name of the deceased with other colors such as white. Or also can make color content in order for funeral service becomes darker yellow color. Or if you want to change the color of the frame to make it look a little brighter, you can create a frame with white color, and set the transparency at 50% only.

You can set it all by using the software Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010. You can easily adjust the color, size and position of each element in the place you want easily.

Sample Sun Funeral Or Memorial Program And Download Link


Below the sample images of the cover and inside sun themed funeral or memorial program template :

sun yellow memorial program

yellow memorial template


And this is the link to download the file :

Now you can have your own design with sunshine funeral program template or yellow memorial program template.

Funeral Pamphlet Template For Word With Ethnic Theme Background

Funeral Pamphlet Template For Word. Ethnic theme can also be pinned to the obituary pamphlet template program in funeral service in the funeral procession. By utilizing the boundary line style in an attractive frame, can make the pamphlet order of service for funeral ceremony to be more complete in honor of a loved one. And uniquely again, with this pattern you can use the software to use Microsoft Word to edit the writing and design. So you don’t need to know how to make a funeral pamphlet anymore.

Funeral Pamphlet Name

It is still a question that most people wonder “what is a funeral pamphlet called?”. Or with another term to ask is what funeral pamphlet name. Here I tell you some term that related with the name of pamphlet for funeral.

Below the same form of funeral pamphlet stationery in funeral or memorial :

  • Funeral Programs
  • Obituary Programs
  • Obituary Pamphlets
  • Memorial Pamphlets
  • Memorial Cards
  • Remembrance Cards
  • Funeral Cards

Where all the above documents containing the same sentence. A sentence that says the setting of the program at the funeral or memorial. Obituary pamphlet delivered a brief story about the life of the deceased. Obituary is usually delivered during the funeral service. This is done in order to pay their last respects to the deceased. Where the surviving family shows how much affection and respect of the family members of the deceased.

Funeral Pamphlet Ideas

Certainly a lot of people have questions how to make a pamphlet for funeral? A question that arises when a family is losing a loved one and need such a document

Curiosity is common and appears on the situation. And where they can get the idea to make funeral pamphlets. This is because they want to be able to have a pamphlet in the free funeral program template download. Below some ideas you can use in creating memorial pamphlet or for funeral.

Pamphlet format. Pamphlet comes in many paper composition. You can make it in single fold. But if you think it is too plain for you, try to make a 2-page graduated, or make it 4 page. If you prefer a brochure format, a collage tri fold brochures is a good idea for obituary pamphlet. For a bit complicated layout and shape, gatefold programs can make your programs looks luxury.

Elements. Adding some elements into funeral programs of pamphlet is one idea you can do. Funeral poems, quotes and verses can add value and meaning of funeral cards that are made to honor the deceased. When you create a program that does not use the English language, such as French, Spanish, it is not a problem. Obituary because you can write the program in the language you use.

Free Funeral Pamphlet Template For Word With Ethic Frame Border

This file of Word template for funeral pamphlet was designed with a frame on each pages. On the the right cover page of this ethnic frame border funeral program template, there is a frame that utilized ethnic theme as the border lined. Similar with the left side on the cover page that provide a twin frame as on the right. The right side can be used as the front cover that shows funeral title, deceased’s photo, deceased’s name, and funeral service date and location. Or you can arrange on the right page element as you like. You can add with decoration such as flower of others.

Meanwhile, on the left page, it is available some element that has subtitle order of funeral service, acknowledgement, obituary. You an edit all the parts with your own wording. Photo collages, thank you notes and other element are suitable. And your can customize all the part just using Microsoft Word. That is so simple right.

Funeral Pamphlet Examples With Ethnic Design

And here the sample funeral pamphlet of ethnic style :

Ethnic Theme Obituary Funeral Program

Pamphlet Order of Service Funeral Memorial

For other design program, you can get a funeral pamphlets with clouds that you can download from this site.

Free Funeral Pamphlet Layouts

Below some elements you can edit from this funeral pamphlet for Microsoft Word :

  • Personal deceased’s information :
    1. Full name
    2. Birth date
    3. Date of death
  • Deceased picture
  • Obituary
  • Prayer. Death prayer of deceased’s favorite prayer.
  • Poem
  • Verses
  • Quotes
  • Memories about deceased
  • Funeral program. Date, time and place of funeral


This link is used to download the funeral service pamphlet free templates

With this ethnic frame funeral pamphlet template for Word program you can give the best of your honor to your loved one.

Formal Funeral Program Template White Background Themed And Pattern

For most people use formal memorial program is a must, because it is a respectable way to a loved one. By using the funeral program templates Microsoft Word with formal theme is the right choice to be able to make the design and layout as you wish. And here a formal patter for making program and customizable with Microsoft Word easily.

A White Background Formal Themed Funeral Program Template

Typically, a document including a funeral program that uses a formal style, will show the structure and way of writing that is raw. There is a tendency to write down all of the elements and information follow the rules that have been trusted and recognized to be followed. Usually in making a formal funeral program can follow the examples that already exist.

By using a common writing and raw in every document program. In addition, the type of font used is also in accordance with the program brochure ever made. Usually typeface Times New Roman or Arial become a common choice.

Some people may have a judgment that a formal funeral program too look stiff. Though not as well. It is just how you can adjust the layout of each element in the program so that it does not look very monotonous and boring. One way in order to make the funeral program is not too stiff, it can be made with different font sizes for each element

For example, you can use a larger font size for the title of the program. As for the name of the deceased, can use a smaller font size. You can distinguish the size of each element by looking at the level of each element. Higher level using a larger font size. So is the opposite.

Sample Formal Funeral Program Templates

And here you can see a formal pattern for making a program. And these templates can be edited in all parts or elements to fit the funeral program you need. The basic pattern of this program is formal. Funeral program templates with the frame border as well as simple and classic color combination of white background shows a pattern that is simple and formal.

Formal Memorial Programs Template

Sample Simple Funeral Program Template


Download Link

And below the link you can use to download the file

By using the format of a formal program of funeral you will honor the best for the most people you love

Branch Trees Theme Funeral Program Template With Brown Background

Branch Trees Theme Funeral Program Template. Trees with twigs with leaves often interpreted with serenity. So is the background image and stems and twigs of trees full of leaves in the funeral program that describes a peace for loved ones.

Customizable Funeral program templates with peaceful tree

Free funeral service template Microsoft Word with background images of shady trees. With branches of the tree with many leaves, showing how peace when they are below it. So also with the theme of trees with twigs and leaves to funeral program this template. Accompanied by a brown color which is dominant in all parts of the page program, which is a combination of a peace.

This is a classic design for version 2007 and 2010. And to make adjustments also be very easy, because many people who mastered the word processing software. This template is very very easy to be customized. Because each part or element of the decorative funeral program template features the transform can be changed according to user needs. You can read what to include in funeral program then you know that to change name of the deceased is very easy to do as easy as typing using Microsoft Word software.

You can add parts to Obituary, or also other elements such as the names of the pall bearers,. Even to create a more personalized funeral programs, add a section for photos of memories with the deceased can be done on the other page. There are some users who want to add a section to write thank you to friends, colleagues, family who has had a good relationship throughout his life. And also to those who have helped when the deceased suffered until his death.

To make adjustments, you simply select the part you want to edit, then an active part of the editing can be done by removing the old sentences with the information you have.

Related programs :

  • Funeral memorial programs in Spanish

Sample Branches Trees Theme Funeral Program

Below the sample image of the branches and trees of funeral program with brown color tone :

Branch Trees Theme Funeral Program Template

Natural Trees Funeral Program Template


It is the link to download the template at :

By downloading the tree themed funeral program template, you don’t need to create the program from scratch anymore.

Classic Funeral Program Template Word And White Background

Classic White Funeral Program Template

Classic Funeral Program Template in Word. Classic theme for a funeral program is the right choice to put the past of a document. By showing the conservative side of funeral templates, the fond memories of the past will be easy to remember. Background image with a plain easy design for funeral and memorial in white color with a little decoration on the corner of the document with flowers demonstrates the simplicity of a design.

Funeral Program Template in Word With Classic Design

If you know what is preferred by the deceased in the matter of choosing a design, perhaps simplicity is the one that is a major concern. If it is favored by the deceased, then in order to honor those most in love, you can choose the free funeral program templates in Word in classic white and simple design that presented the theme and layout is simple as well. As in classical funeral program templates that can be customized using Microsoft Word software to make a celebration of life program or in loving memory for funeral and memorial.

Customizable part of Funeral Program

Adjustment of a Microsoft Word template for the funeral is a feature that into consideration when choosing a program for funeral. And these features, has been available in the existing template on this blog. Where you have the freedom to make adjustments on the various elements that exist in the template.

There are so many elements that can be changed to fit the needs of the classic themed funeral program template you want to make. And this template has been supplying parts elements ready for you to change. Some of the elements that have been provided and you can make adjustments, such as: the name of the deceased, date of birth and death, the date of execution and the location of the funeral, Pall bearers, Obituary.

Other parts such as thank you notes, special note of the best memories of the deceased, photo memories with the deceased, you can also fill in the template. You can customize each element in terms of shape and color of the letters. Additionally, you can freely to put each element in the order you want.


Below the sample image of the template :

Classic Funeral Memorial Program Template

White Design Funeral Memorial Programs


And here the link the download the file :

Detection of human and you are not a robot, please completing one offers to quickly get the template

How to download the file

With this classic funeral program template in Word design, you can make your own layout of a pamphlet.

Blue Cloud Funeral Program Template In Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 To Download

Free Funeral Program Template In Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 To Download. Using a Funeral Program Templates be the perfect choice. Since the middle of sorrow and trouble you are going through, you do not have time to think of making a document of funeral program. And the option to download the blank funeral program templates for Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 can cut your time and effort.

Funeral Program Template for Word With Blue Cloud Design

Using funeral program templates that are specifically designed and laid out to be edited using Microsoft Word software, it is advantageous.

This is because, to edit sentences in Funeral Programs such as obituaries, funeral services and other information will be easier to use MS Word software.

All you have to do is to click on the sentence to be changed, then make the necessary adjustments with the words to be printed on the funeral program.

Design And Layout Blue Cloud Funeral Program Template

And this time, funeral program template Microsoft Word that you can download is the design behind the blue clouds picture. At the funeral the design of this program, you can insert a photo of the deceased, and the names of the deceased, date of birth and death of the deceased, date and location of funeral services and other information.

You can adjust the position, shape, size and color of the letter of each sentence position. In addition the position of obituary, and other information you can change as easily as you type in MS Word software

Sample And Download Funeral Program Template

And here the sample image of this blue cloud Funeral program template :



Editable Elements on Funeral Template is a video that show which part of program template you can edit with your own data.

And here the link to download this template :

READ THIS instruction to download the file. You may download the templates as many as you want.

See this for MS Publisher version : http://bit.ly/2iSToBR

Hope you find this blue cloud funeral program template MS Word 2007, 2010 useful for you.